Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flying home for Thanksgiving?

I just found this cool, new website called, which recommends when to buy airfare based on 60 billion records of past airfare prices. So instead of just waiting around to buy airfare, this website will tell you if the price is going to go up or down over the next seven days of purchasing the ticket.

Since the site is new it only has 55 cities that it can predict airfare prices for. However, the site also has features that allow you to predict when the best time to travel is if you don't have an exact date or where the best place to travel is based on prices.

Farecast's predictions are accurate about 70-75% of the time. The site also offers RSS feeds for tracking airfare for destinations over time so you can test it out before you actually use it.

Farecast also offers a feature called Fareguard which allows you to lock in the lowest price you find for a week for only a $1-- so if the price happens to go up you can still purchase it for the low price it predicted. The company is now offering to lock in ticket prices against an increase for one week for $1.

Since Farecast is in its beta version it is still being tested and the $1 Fareguard fee won't last so try it out before the deal ends!

If you're thinking about booking your spring break soon, this is definitely a site worth visiting.


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