Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Net Neutrality & The Internet

Say you go to Google to do some web surfing and for some reason, it's taking forever to load. Or you try to go to YouTube a thousand times and for some reason, have no access. Perhaps you attempt to download some MP3's and Comcast is your knight and shining armor and lets you download music in an instant, but it takes forever to get to your otherwise favorite music sites.

That, my friends, is what life would be like WITHOUT net neutrality.

The picture painted above is something that could quite possibly happen in the near future if Congress doesn't intervene.

Assuming you have internet access, you know that we pay a small or a large fee for the connection of internet we want each month so that we can go to Google, YouTube, or any website of our choice, whenever we please. WELL, the same companies that provide us the internet access to get to these sites think that if we are paying to get to these content providers then these content providers should pay to have access to their customers. This means that these big communication companies are the bridge between us (the customers) and them (Google, YouTube, whatever you fancy). Preposterous. They didn't invent the internet, they don't OWN it. But they're charging everyone involved for providing access both ways.

Well, this guy Tim Berners-Lee wove the world wide web (Net Neutrality--this is serious) and he says, "When I invented the Web, I didn't have to ask anyone's permission." The internet is what it is today because we control the information we want to see and have; we get the content we want on demand. There should not be any reason for big companies like Verizon, Bell South, or AT&T to act as the gatekeepers of something that was somewhat 'free' to us in the first place (in the sense that we only have to pay for access to do whatever we want.)

In order for the internet to stay as 'free' as it is without any gatekeepers, the government needs to step in. I know that by the government stepping in it is considered regulation and perhaps makes them the new gatekeeper, but if their regulation means preserving the very internet we know and love, then sobeit.

If you ever had something to fight for, this should be one of them. Do it for your favorite website. Do it for Google. Damn it, do it for Facebook and its creepy news feed.

So in summary,

Read about Net Neutrality
But be informed, see the what Opponents of Net Neutrality have to say.

Then, If you so desire,
Sign the petition to preserve Net Neutrality or
E-mail your local Congress Representative

And happy surfing.


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Besides net neutrality why is it that many sites pull comments which don’t support an apparent agenda of the site or the government. In the wake of 911 many sites discuss terrorist scares and other such information in blog form, with the world to comment. Yet If you animatedly argue against the popular opinion, at times a Shoot first ask questions later attitude (Or as I see it An American jihad on the unknown and researched), your comment on the Xenophobic blog is deleted and for some odd reason your email address is inaccessible for about a week??? Maybe it hasn’t happened to you but it has to me.... The internet has a facade of freedom in access and availability but look into new internet monitoring technology and you’ll find that new systems monitor ip addresses of internet users creating profiles based on visited sites, purchases, and frequency of internet use. Some similar systems are even emerging in PC gaming software for the "benefit" of better targeted advertising. (care to know more??? ) Now if we don’t have freedom of speech online, because some would rather post what better fits with their opinion of positive information; and we are being monitored in our internet activities for the sake of profiling (for better directed advertising of course)so then is it so much a stretch that capitalists would prey upon the free for all on internet freedoms for monetary gain.... might as well make a buck b4 the porno nuts are labeled sexual predators and the political inquirers are rounded up for guantanamo. I suppose some of the technology may help to reduce terrorism, gang/organized crime rings, sexual predators, but its still profiling you as well.... and what if the future of background checks include these new internet footprints. What if u don’t get a teaching job cuz u had a few rough nights and watched some hardcore porn? or because u said the government needed a major overhaul? I could go on. But I wont. - Anonymous

At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Atom1c said...

Well said. I agree entirely!


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