Tuesday, November 28, 2006

YouTube & Verizon Team Up

YouTube and Verizon have teamed up to provide Verizon's mobile customers access to video clips on Vcast for $15/month. Customers will also be able to upload videos from their phone to YouTube with this new service.

Customers will have the chance to view "select" video clips, which could mean that users may only have access to content that has been approved by the companies. Selecting videos that users have access to may not be such a good idea considering the very characteristic that has given YouTube all of its success is how organic and "untouched" it is.

Another thing that may not be such a good idea is to charge $15/month for the service when you can use it online for free.

This is one of the many stunts that we have seen and will continue to see from large corporations. A lot of big companies are teaming up with or buying out web 2.0-type companies to make themselves more relevant in the digital age. In the process, these big companies are over-complicating products that were, in their original form, successful.

Expect more of this-- there is plenty more of the YouTube pie to go around.


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